We work with individuals and organizations who want to make a measurable

social or environmental impact, while learning practical skills and having a great time.

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Challenge: Identify opportunities for intervention to support youth recovering from substance use

Timeline - 5 days

Team - Behavior Change Designer, Design Researcher

We partnered with Behavioral Health Innovators (BHI) to create a series of co-design workshops partnering with high school students in recovery from substance use.


Our team worked closely with these students to understand and document the underlying causes of substance abuse, map their journeys through addiction and recovery, and facilitate the creation of several prototypes of interventions that could help other young

adults like them.

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Challenge: Co-create solutions to reduce high no show rates in the health center 

Timeline - 2 days

Team - Behavior Change Designer, Design Researcher, Service Designer 

Our team collaborated with a Federally Qualified Health Center in Muskegon, Michigan to test hypotheses around solutions that could help reduce high no show rates among their patient population.


Muskegon Family Care (MFC) center provides primary care and dental services for Medicaid and uninsured patients that were frequently missing their appointments. The center had some ideas around a solution that could address this challenge.  


We proposed a 2-day challenge in which we engaged all stakeholders in research and co-design activities in the clinic. Our goal was to test the hypotheses underlying their proposed solution, and co-design concepts that could best address barriers keeping patients from the appointments together with patients and the health center staff. 


Our workshop activities were focused around understanding what patients and clinicians found valuable in the appointments, identifying barriers keeping patients from coming to the appointments and going through rapid prototyping of the solutions that could address these barriers together with all stakeholders.