We teach design thinking and behavioral science leveraging

social and environmental challenges "donated" by nonprofits.


For those who like social, timed and fun experiences

  • creating opportunities  for people to easily get involved in the causes they care about   

  • incorporating learning in the process

  • applying experience design and game mechanics to make sure everyone is having a great time


For those who like to problem solve and learn on the weekends

  • shifting mindset from solution first to a problem first approach

  • facilitating a mutually beneficial knowledge and skills exchange between the participants

  • co-designing solutions that target the root causes of recurring problems together with people directly affected by the problems


Developing a new generation of problem solvers by 

  • identifying opportunities for business innovation that addresses important needs in the communities 

  • enabling structured and impact-focused collaboration between entre- and intrapreneurs, governments, private sector entities, nonprofits and their communities 

  • enabling successful translation of research opportunities into concepts, prototypes, and implementation strategies

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