Are you a nonprofit organization, a social business, or a proactive citizen that is currently addressing or aiming to address an important need in an underserved community around the world?

We want to hear from you. 


What do we offer?  

  • Designing engaging learning and problem solving experiences based on your problem space. 

  • Increasing direct and indirect investment and support for the "donated" challenge.

  • Increasing awareness about your organization or team. 

  • Enabling multi-stakeholder collaboration and problem solving. 

  • Bringing community members on board as co-creators and owners of bottom up solutions.


What do we need? 

  1. Nominate a community. It will be best if in addition to that you can name at least 2 proactive citizens from the community or your organization who will be collaborating with us. 

  2. "Donate" us a challenge. Define the challenge that you are solving or are aiming to solve.

  3. Tell us about you or an organization you come from. What is your team like and how do they currently engage with the community?

  4. Share your successes and opportunities for improvement. If your organization is already working with the community, please describe your program or service, and let us know what works and what doesn't work about it. 

Thanks for applying! We will be in touch with you soon.