Olga Elizarova

Founder and Behavior Change Designer 

Olga is a behavior change designer, public health professional, and an ex-dentist with 11 years of experience applying design thinking and behavioral science to challenges in public and private sectors. 

She has led the design of products and services for governments, global corporations, pharmaceutical and health insurance companies and startups. Previously, a Behavior Change Design Director at Mad*Pow, a human-centered design agency working with Fortune 500 companies and a Strategic Design Consultant at the Ministry of Possibilities, UAE. 

Olga is passionate about advancing achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, and bringing design thinking and behavioral science to communities that need it the most but can’t afford it. 

"None of us is as smart as all of us."

- Kenneth H. Blanchard 

The economic, social and environmental challenges that we collaborate on vary, and so do our teams. Our project teams are assembled based on the scope of work, required subject matter expertise and your budget.


Founded in 2016 initially as a volunteering project, our extended team consists of 10+ consultants that are academic and UX researchers, strategists, service designers and behavioral scientists based all around the world. They come from different backgrounds and have different world views, but are united by passion towards doing meaningful work and creating positive social impact. 

Tapping into our diverse skillsets and expertise allows us to put together a custom project team uniquely equipped to address your challenge.  ​

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